Monday, April 17, 2006

Twenty Things That Make Me Smile

This meme from Sr. Lilli Ana (see her link on sidebar)
in no particular order:

1. Puppies, kittens, babies
2. A good nun joke
3. A letter in my mailbox
4. Comments on my blog
5. Hot showers
6. Soft yarn
7. Finishing a project
8. Smell of fresh cilantro
9. Someone saying thank you
10. Unexpected $5 in my coat pocket
11. Emails from my sons
12. Daisies
13. Surprises
14. My grandchildren
15. Their artwork
16. Good friends
17. Little birds at outdoor caf├ęs
18. Christmas tree lights
19. The ocean
20. Silly Simon's antics


kpjara said...

Admittedly I haven't read your entire blog, but what IS the best nun joke you've heard? and why is it that I have this idea that all nuns are like the proverbial teacher in the Catholic school with the ruler and withOUT a sense of humor? Did my Catholic friends just do that to protect their inner "rebel"?

Claire Joy said...

What I don't fit the stereotype?
Maybe it's because I'm Episcopalian...
Oh, and my favorite nun joke isn't printable.

Anonymous said...

C'mon ... you know you want to tell us. It's that inner former sailor in you.

kpjara said...

Okay, so not only are you an Episcopalian Nun but you were a sailor? When will the clarity return!

Claire Joy said...

Okay... here's one of my favorites. It goes like this: The convent was having some major construction work done, which required an outside crew of men with jackhammers, bulldozers, pick axes, shovels. They were quite respectful at the beginning, but as the project wore on their language reverted to typical construction crew idioms. The mother superior had a talk with the foreman:

"Your men really need to clean up their language. My sisters are not used to such foul talk."

"Ahhh mother, you know how these men are. They just have to call a spade a spade."

The mother was silent for a moment. Then she thoughtfully said, "No, sir, I believe that what they have been calling it is a f*cking shovel."

kpjara said...

OHMYWORD! I'm shocked and VERY amused!