Friday, April 21, 2006

More (Jill)-in-the-Box Thinking

1. Of the three parts of the trinity, do you feel especially drawn to one? Can you express why? Do you feel closer to one part in times of stress and a different one in times of joy?
Emotionally I feel closer to Jesus than the other two. He's my big brother, friend, teacher, Lord... all rolled into one. Intellectually I feel the Holy Spirit is the one who gets the work done... the mover and shaker. God the Creator (Father/Mother) seems more distant and cosmic.

2. When you say a prayer, do you imagine them taking on some shape or substance and actually going somewhere or do they instantly vaporize? Or, are prayers "just words"?
My mouth to Jesus' ears. Often there are no words, just feelings.

3. Mercy. Grace. Blessings. Joy. Sorrow. Peace. Gratitude. What color would these be if they could be seen?
Mercy = moss green, Blessings = rainbow (like Skittles!) , Joy = daffodil yellow, Sorrow = charcoal grey, Peace = Navaho white, Gratitude = lavender

What are your answers?

Oh...BTW my daughter-in-law clued me in to a site where you can make your very own church sign. Here's mine :)


HeyJules said...

No, and neither should it be a boy's club! (Man, it felt good to say that!!!)

Love your answers to these! You're very good at getting God out of that box; but then I already knew that about you. :-)

Pilot Mom said...

I like the choice of colors. We would probably have matched in our choices if I had done this one. :)

kpjara said...

I don't think you JUST removed the've just shredded the whole box-o-God! Thank you very much.

FOr me with regards to the trinity...I've always thought of Jesus as my "friend/buddy/big-brother", God as Big Daddy - the one I go to for the really big stuff that could get me in trouble...and HS as my internal compass, a part of ME really.

HeyJules said...

kpjara, you did a great job of answering these questions as well. Actually, all three of you did!

Don't you love when you use your mind to shift the world into a whole other place?