Friday, April 21, 2006

Jack-in-the-Box Thinking

My friend Hey Jules at Faith or Fiction (link on the sidebar) has created a list of thought provoking questions to get us to think way outside the standard 4X4 box we often keep Jesus in... I can only wrap my brain around a few at a time. For the entire list go visit her blog... and start thinking.

1. What do you imagine the earthbound Jesus smelled like? Old Spice, no doubt about it. Well, okay I realize he didn't really smell like that, but it's what my Dad smelled like and aroma is the strongest trigger for most of our memories.

2. When you think about the Holy Spirit, what picture does your mind conjure up? How do you picture Him(Her) moving about? I see the traditional dove most of the time, but I also think of wind and breath. The ocean breeze with the smell of salt and fish also grounds me in a holy space. I sometimes sense a more feminine aspect, maybe to offset the two boys in the trio

3. What do the voices of angels sound like? Deep and throaty? Light and lyrical? Do they speak in your native language or do they have their own? Either masculine or androgynous, speak my language in my head. I answer out loud.


Sr. Lilli Ana said...

I think Jesus probably smelled like sweat, dirt and olive oil.

HeyJules said...

Great answers, CJ! And you, too, sr. lilli ana! I never thought about Jesus smelling like olive oil but I'll bet he did. it wrong to bet about what Jesus smelled like with a couple of nuns???

Oh well! :-)