Saturday, April 22, 2006

Last of the Box Questions...

1. When you think about being in heaven with Jesus some day, do you imagine yourself talking freely and having open back-and-forth conversations with Him or do you think He'll still be in the role of teacher - speaking in parables and constantly challenging your thinking?
Neither. I imagine a great warm enfolding as I am once again united with the source of all that is. (As often as I joke about adding questions to my list for God when I see Him, I really don't think there will be any.) Christ and I will embrace and form a shaft of white light that reaches to infinity in both directions. If you had a camera and could pull back and sharpen the focus, that shaft of light would become a thread, bending and weaving... over and under. Other shafts would become visible that are part of the weaving and as the camera continues to pull back you would see that all of life is part of an intricate pattern that forms the robe of God. Every time my shaft/thread touches another reflects a point in time when I was in relationship with another being.

2. When you picture heaven, is it always day? Day and night? Do you picture it as being back on earth or up in the sky?
I relate to the song Child of the Light that goes "in Him there is no darkness at all... the night and the day are both as one..." so no darkness, but no day or night either. I also like the banquet imagery because I love food. Lobster would be good.

3. What does the voice of God sound like? Is it vocalized or a telekinetic-type connection between He and us?
It sounds like love.

4. What will it feel like to us to be in His actual presence one day? How do you think you will react?
Immensely glad to be home and thankful for the wild ride.


HeyJules said...

I hope I get to go where you imagine you're going. How cool.

kpjara said...

The voice of love...I love that!