Friday, February 08, 2008


I'm in a Lenten book club/meditation/blog group. It's one of my "add-ons" for Lent. (You know: add-ons versus give-ups.) It's a discipline, like Blog 365... a commitment to blog every day about the meditation we read in the book: Lent And Easter Wisdom: Daily Scripture And Prayers Together With Nouwen's Own Words. Today's meditation actually had to do with discipline, which for me can be a dirty word. That strikes me as funny, since I've got quite a few little disciplines going these days, yet I hate the whole concept. Go figure.

Four women with diverse Christian orientations met online a few years ago and formed a book club to read Ken Gire's Moments With the Savior. What a trip!

Back then I was new to the religious life (I'm still new by many standards) new to blogging, new to book clubs. The group moderator was a little hesitant about including a nun... the stereotypical pious wet blanket sort of thing. That didn't last. We found we were the liberals in the group, and I was about the farthest left you could get and still be called Christian. In fact some of our commenters strongly suggested that I was not only not Christian, but Satan incarnate. Okay, nobody actually said that, but there were times when the conversations definitely headed in that direction.

This time our blog is closed. Only we can read what we say and only we can comment. It should prove to be an enlightening (hopefully bonding) experience. Just us grappling with, and sharing our relationships with God. No cheerleaders or detractors to get us sidetracked. I'm looking forward to it.

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HeyJules said...

Had I known then that nuns could totally rock as much as you do I never would have been so uptight about adding you to the group.

And, if it makes you feel better in any way, we all said, "This time around just won't be the same without CJ."

We love our "leftie," don'tcha know.