Wednesday, January 17, 2007

what global warming?

People in Texas and parts of the mid-west, not accustomed to way-below-freezing temperatures and ice storms, could probably look out their windows and say "what global warming?!?"

But most of us realize that just one of the side effects predicted will be a shift in the climatic zones. Areas that used to have mild winters and rarely saw snow will experience severe freezes, while places dependent upon snow will get rain. (That's been us in New York. It's freezing now, but today is only our second cold day all winter.

Whether you currently believe in global warming or not, this week scientists have moved the "doomsday clock" forward by two minutes, not because of nuclear threat, but due to the risk/consequences of global warming.

That's a pretty major step forward in our consciousness. There's an interesting blog called The Conscious Earth you might want to visit here for more information.

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