Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rising Star

I've just come from one of those rare evenings that comes around every once in a while, where the artistry of a performer sweeps you away along with the time. There are a zillion constellations of rising stars in New York City, just like there are a zillion excellent restaurants. So many artists, so little time. Yet when you make time for this woman, you won't be disappointed. As I write this, I'm listening to her latest CD Closer to You, trying to prolong the experience.

Her melodies are haunting as is her voice. Her name is Ashley Davis and she sings from her soul with skill and passion... songs of longing, lost love, imaginary love... with a touch of Irish bitterness and humor. It was magic. Thank you.

(For more information about Ashley, her website is here.)


Anonymous said...

I just purchased and downloaded this breathtaking album from iTunes. I am going to use it for relaxation therapy when my boss goes on one of her tirades again.

Pat said...

I found some samples of her music. Haunting, even mystical.

Anonymous said...

Amazing voice. She really is other-worldly. The word should be spread about this album, as I think it's a very spiritual work of art. Thank you sister for the heads up.