Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Get off my case

It always surprises me when certain things I post invoke the ire of so many readers, especially the anonymous ones. Yesterday's passive aggressive rant on things that bug me about co-existing in community, seems to have been one of those posts.

The gist of my critical comments ranged from blaming the exposé on my now well-established addiction to alcohol (see earlier post where I wondered about the possibility here) to the fact that nothing changes... (as in: I was always a b*tch before so I'll always be one in the future.)

Give me a break. Anyone who thinks that living with nuns is somehow different than living with other human beings, needs to wake up and smell the day-old coffee grounds. Yes... we pray a lot; yes, we have a commitment to God; yes, we love each other and forgive each other for all kinds of things you'd get fired for in the secular world. But that doesn't mean we don't drive each other nuts from time to time. Can you spell H-U-M-A-N? With all the warts?

Some apparently can't when it comes to religious. There's an unhealthy need for (me in particular) to conform to some preconceived perception of what a religious should and should not be, say or do. What's that about? They conveniently forget that, in addition to seeing my sisters through very human eyes, I also look in the mirror. I am not, nor will I ever be perfect. (I'm not even sure I'd ever even want to be, for that matter.) Perfection is way overrated, and it's too subjective. Your idea of perfect could be my idea of hell. Given the comments... probably is.


HeyJules said...

CJ, I LOVE your spunk and ability to dump the sterotype of "mother perfectly superior" right into the garbage can. We're all Christians and yet still totally human whether that involves wearing a habit or not.

And just for the record (in case any of your anonymous commenters haven't figured this out) blogging is an online diary in every sense of the word. Life is not perfect and neither are bloggers!

Cat. said...

Oh dear God, people! If there's someone on the planet who hasn't been irritated by ridiculously tiny things that the rest of the world can't even see...I'd like to shake your hand and call you Jesus. And even HE got irritated, didn't he?

I'll say what I always say when people get snarky in someone's comments: If you don't like what the blog-owner writes, don't read the blog!!

I read this one because the author is REAL and not trying to fake her way into heaven. Can't be done. Oh, and cuz she's smart and funny, and teaches me something every week or so (or more often).


by the bay said...

Be blessed. I continue to love your blog, and you cheer me along the way! :0)

Anonymous said...

Huzzah! I second (and third) what they all said. I love The Real Thing!