Friday, January 05, 2007

"Actually, they're more like guidelines"

Johnny Depp spoke that line in the first Pirates of the Caribbean and it prompted great belly laughs when we watched the movie together my first year in community. Much of our rule and customary had been set aside while we experimented with a circular model of leadership, and every time something new came up that conflicted with something previously cast in concrete, our novice guardian would resort to the expression.

That's exactly how I'm viewing my New Years Resolutions this year. I did make a few. Some are good for me... things like "drink more water". But I realized that drink more water is too vague. So drink more water translates to: for every cup of coffee consumed I must drink half a liter of water. That's doable. (Where did that stupid word come from?) I'm on my third cup of coffee, so that means I must drink another bottle of water. I've made a good start but it doesn't mean I'll remember to do it every time. The point is to drink more water, so the cup of coffee=bottle of water is more like a guideline.

Resolutions that are too idealistic or impractical or done out of guilt just don't have much staying power. One of my resolutions is to cross off everything on last year's to do list. I'm definitely making headway there... mostly because I have an added stipulation that I can't start any new project until I complete at least three that are unfinished. Today I made two doctor's appointments and sewed a button on my winter jacket. That counts as three, dontcha think?

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