Thursday, January 04, 2007

To be heard...

Our celebrant this morning explained that he'd been away for the weekend visiting friends, one of whom was preaching last Sunday on the text from John. Apparently she had asked for feedback/reflections to help her develop her sermon. He had given her some thoughts which she didn't use, so we got to hear them this morning.

That struck me as both funny and profound. (His words were worth hearing, by the way.) But it is our human need to express our thoughts, to be heard that hit me. He had some thoughts. He wanted them heard.

My own thoughts are all tied up with what he said, which is essentially that God's Word has to be dealt with. Whether we embrace it, ignore it, discount it, or despise it, we are in relationship with that Word every moment of our lives. He went on to expound on the very idea of our relationships... both with God and with each other. What words (language) do we use to create those relationships?

I think of my own words and my own relationships. How many times do I say things thoughtlessly that inadvertently hurt someone else? (More often than I care to admit to, I think.) It also made me think of the words the anonymous choose when they wish to be heard. What is the real need behind the abusive language? What relationship are they desperate for?

Perhaps being made in God's image has a new dimension I've not considered... that need for relationship, that need to be dealt with, to be heard.


HeyJules said...

OH CJ, I love this post very much!

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Zanne said...

Boy do I relate to that! Nothing pushes my buttons faster that when I feel I am not being heard.
Very powerful idea this having to deal with the Word and the words that we use to engage in relationships with others... (walks away ruminating) :)