Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary rebounds, overcomes Obama in NH

I grew up in New Hampshire. I remember those election years when candidates swarmed the state. I wasn't old enough to vote then, but our current events teacher made sure we followed the results.

I actually registered to vote this year. (Save me the indignant: What! you weren't already registered!?! comments.) No I wasn't. I haven't been since 1995. So many elections, so little time. Did I care? Obviously not enough to register.

Some will say that makes me a bad American. Sometimes I suspect those words belong together anyway. And yes, I understand that my voting right is precious, that women suffered long and hard to get me that right, that it's my duty to exercise it.

Well, actually no. I don't believe it's my duty to exercise it. It's my right to not exercise it. So I haven't. This year I will.

I'm not much interested in politics. I tried to listen to a candidate debate in Ohio. A friend had posted a link for it and I respect her, so I tried to listen. It was long. I lasted less than an hour. Was fed up. Rhetoric. Boring. "And may I remind my distinguished colleagues that I was the only one who opposed that bill back in 1997..." droning on and on.

It's interesting to me that Hillary has been dumped on in the past for having no feelings. Last week she finally showed some, and she got dumped on for that.

It may have been academy award-winning acting, but it sure came off as authentic to me. Made me look at her again. Must have made those New Hampshire voters look at her again too. Of course that's what her detractors will say: that it was a ploy to get votes. Who knows? There's plenty of time til November.

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Melissa said...

I just registered this week. I moved to NY in 1005, but hadn't registered here yet. It's ok to come late to the party... as long as you show up. That's my philosophy. And this time, like you, I care enough.