Thursday, January 31, 2008

gloriously more than enough

My bloggy friend pat is an artist, a poet and a dancer. She has many descriptions for who she is and what she does. One of her recent poems is my new favorite:

in the vastness of the ocean
does each wave have a name?
maybe not

it is enough to know I am part of the ocean
in fact, it is gloriously more than enough
in fact, it is outrageously grand
and I feel it in my bones
on my skin
flowing through my blood
whispering in my heart
silently dancing with my soul
I am part of the ocean
rising, falling, crashing,
breaking up continents
floating seeds
dancing and whirling
singing, shouting…

oh. hi. I didn't know you were here…

Wanna dance?

I loved her poem and sent an email with a (somewhat) smart-assed credenza. She loved my credenza and posted it to her blog. We "danced". What a lovely thing. In my heart I think this is what God had in mind for his/her creation... that we dance and sing and share our ideas/experiences/viewpoints without judgment or critique. We are all facets of the same diamond, all fragments of the same hologram. we are one.


Pat said...

Thank you, dear friend. Dancing is soooo contagious.

Anonymous said...

As the Lion king teaches us, "We are all part of the great Circle of Life".