Thursday, January 10, 2008

10 down... 355 to go

This whole Blog 365 thing... what was I thinking?

• Discipline. Like pledging to go to the gym three times a week... which I would never do. Like at sixty-two I need to worry about discipline.

• Practice. Not the same as discipline. Doing something over and over supposedly makes you better at it (whatever it is). Ergo: I'll end up a better writer. Or maybe I'll just end up a better blogger, which is definitely not the same thing.

• The whole she dared me thing. When will this stop!? (when I'm dead?) A dare is like bait. If you're a fish, you can't help yourself. You bite. I bit. I bite?

• More readers? Nah. Maybe. Yes, there's something weirdly satisfying about watching the site meter graph grow. Maybe I should have just deleted the site meter. Vanity is not an appropriate attribute for a nun.

• You fill in the blank. I'm blank.


Pat said...

Well. Whatever it is that motivates your blogging…I love walking by your open window and hearing your song wafting out into the air…

Claire Joy said...

I could say the same for you, girlfriend. Room in that shadow-dance for three?