Saturday, December 30, 2006

Why can't I see the forest?

Okay, looks like I have received two subscriptions to the On a Journey meditations. One is five days of short meditations and the other is a longer essay, once a week. Today I got the essay and laughed out loud. It was entitled: "Year-end De-Cluttering."

Even though all I have is a combo bedroom/office to worry about, I still looked around this morning and thought I should get rid of some of this stuff, simplify my life even more. As a result I threw out a lot of paper. Not much of a start, but I felt better.

Then I read the essay and thought of my ex-husband, who battles his clutter demons on a continual basis. He should read the essay, not me. That's projection. Whether he should or would read such an essay is beside the point. His journey is not mine, even though we walked some of it together. I barely have a clue about what I'm here to learn, never mind what his mission might be.

So I read it again. It was really not so much about de-cluttering as repentance... a change of mind, a change of heart. It was also about the delusion of waiting, rather than doing... ie.: if I can wait til Bush is out of office then I don't have to take any responsibility for the mess we're in as a country. I can delude myself into thinking things will change with a new political regime. The same goes for our church. Lets wait and see if Katharine can fix us. Nobody can fix us but us, and then only with the grace of God.

So there is was... staring me smack dab in the face: complacency. Awww. Jesus stop chuckling!

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cgssis said...

It has always amazed me that God can maintain a sense of humor while wathcing all the idiotic things we humans do. But He does.