Saturday, December 16, 2006

Luke 22: 36-38

If you don't have a sword, pawn your coat and buy one... Look, we have two swords. Enough of this sword talk.
—from The Message, Peterson's translation of Luke.

In the two other translations we read this morning, when Jesus' disciples produce two swords, he responds: "It is enough." Cryptic comment, especially in light of what will follow in the garden later. Then he will tell his disciples to put their swords away, and be led to his impending death like a meek lamb. So which is it? Get ready for battle, or practice non-violence?

My thoughts today are similar to my thoughts about other contradictory passages. I don't think Jesus knew everything that was going to happen, minute by minute, blow by blow in his lifetime. If he was as equally human as the rest of us, he hedged his bets, changed his mind, figured it out as he went along. He obviously had a keen gift of prophesy: he nailed Peter's denials right down to the number. But regarding his own mission and the next few hours of his life, he was hesitant. Would the angel hoards actually come to defend him? Or would he die a criminal's shameful death?

I can so relate to Peterson's translation. As soon as the words are out of his mouth he decides differently. Enough of this sword talk. We will take the non-violent path to its inevitable conclusion. Every time Christ shows his humanity, I have a deeper respect for him as the Son of God.


Anonymous said...

Would it kill you to post ONE profound reflection?

Claire Joy said...

What confuses me is why you bother to keep reading this blog if you find it offensive. There are plenty of super-fundamental-heavy-theological blogs on the web you could visit and be spiritually uplifted by reading. Yet you continue to return several times a week, only commenting when I've said something you disagree with or find banal... Are you lonely for debate? Trying to save my soul? it is a complete puzzlement.

HeyJules said...

Oh CJ, let a troll be a troll. They are only trying to provoke you. Either dismiss them entirely or delete all their comments - there IS no reasoning with them.

As for your post...I LOVED it! I have a deeper respect for him as the Son of God as well. I LOVE that He might not have had all the answers or that he did but his humanism kept getting in the way - as does ours so often.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I like your post too. Having a discussion with a hard right-winger about the Scripture and ran across this.

I must say I agree. (And I think it is fairly profound.)