Monday, December 04, 2006

Prayer Requests

The other day at the funeral a woman asked me to pray for her. Not for her, actually, but for another she was having issues with... Uh oh. You may as well know it now... whenever someone asks me to pray that God will give guidance or commitment or common sense to someone else, I think to myself... "Nah, I'm going to pray that God will give tolerance or forgiveness or a gentle acceptance to you, (you ignorant twit.)

But that's because I can so easily see the speck in your eye. The log in my own has blinded me to my own shortcomings in the areas of tolerance, forbearance and forgiveness. I can be just as judgmental as the next guy; in fact it was probably my nastiest trait when I entered the convent. Not that it's gotten much better. I'm just better at concealing it. Once I get started on a rant, though... all the stops are pulled and any subconscious sandbagging I've done will come bubbling out like a fountain. "And not only that!... blah blah blah."

So it was good for me to see the mirror of my own heart in this woman. She was on a rant, and she assumed she had a willing and sympathetic confidant. She did. Not just in the manner she was hoping for.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of prayers, you are in mine as you make your retreat. God bless...