Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Settling in

I'm in the penthouse suite. That's what it feels like after my teensy weensy little cell at Melrose. And... after sharing a bathroom with two other sisters, one who didn't always remember to flush, I suddenly have the luxury of a somewhat private bath with a stall shower just steps away. Who knew the religious life could be so civilized? "Heaven must be like this," I say to myself.

So just why am I so special? Not exactly the luck of the draw. I'm starting a part time job in September that requires internet access. Mine is the only room in the house that used to be an office and is now a bedroom. It has a DSL connection and a phone. (It's a good thing I already did my year studying poverty, because this would not qualify.)

Okay, sure it's not mine, and the situation could change in a heartbeat if I abused the privileges, but I don't intend to abuse anything. This girl's momma didn't raise no fool. And the vibes in this room are amazing! It was once the art studio of Sister Lucia. Before joining the community she was a famous artist in her own right. She painted huge wall-sized frescoes in public spaces (I think) during the 40's. A large south facing window lets in beautiful morning light. Heaven.

The schedule here is more stable. At Melrose we planned our days around sunrise and sunset, the weather, the heat. While I loved the extra sleep during the winter, I had a hard time adjusting every month as the schedule changed. It also seems strange to be back in habit, but not that strange. I'm pretty flexible about living like the Romans, and when it's too hot for the monastic get up, we've already agreed that sisters can wear civilian clothes.

Part of settling in is the psychological acceptance of the new surroundings, making them home. I think I'm good at that. If my first few days are any indication, it's going to be a very good year.


HeyJules said...

Oh happy days! I'm so pleased you love your new digs!

I just sent out an email about our next CCC choice and it went to your old email address so email me if there's a new one I need to send this out to.

CJ, I'm so happy you're in a great place! You just made my day!

Pilot Mom said...

Congrats on your new place! It sounds like it is a taste of heaven. Enjoy!

I'm looking forward to getting back in the "book" for CCC. It will be nice to connect on a more regular basis.