Sunday, August 06, 2006

Because she's first?

New York is famous for a lot of things... maybe signs are not at the top of the list, but we do have plenty. This one is from a series called "women we love" from somewhere in lower Manhattan. Supposedly any press is good press, but I don't believe that. This billboard misses the point.

Now tell me, of all the recent photos of Bishop Jefferts-Schori, there must have been a more flattering one to pick. Were they in such a hurry that they couldn't bother to find it? Not that Christina's shot is that great either, but at least she doesn't look hung over. I have to wonder at the pairing. Was it random or planned? We love Christina because she's fierce? What does that mean? She's a pop icon... how fierce can that be? Or are these just f words and someone ran out of ideas?

Of all the reasons to love Katharine Jefferts-Schori (and I do) the last one would be because she's first. She's compassionate and wise. She's got guts and grit. That she's going to be the first woman Presiding Bishop is a testament to a lot of things, some of it politics and some of it common sense. But even Jesus said being first was no big deal.

When she was asked for her comment about the sign, she was gracious enough to say essentially... whatever it takes to spread the gospel. I would have told them where they could put the damn sign.


kpjara said...

I hope you end up on a sign just so you can tell em' where they can put the damn thing!

I agree it is less than ironic that the two end up on the same posting...and I think the message being sent is more than what is written...sad sad sad

These manuevers make me sick!

machnbyrd said...

Just googled her and there are much more flattering images out there.

Curious? Who is sponsoring this series? Who are some of the other "women we love"? What's the connection between them? I haven't found anything about it on the web.

Pilot Mom said...

I just learned from our son, Pilot, that Katharine Schori's daughter was in his flight class at Moody AFB last year. They found out in May where they would finish their flight training. Her daughter was given helicopters. Small world. :)