Tuesday, August 28, 2007

can you spell c-r-e-a-t-i-v-i-t-y ?

It's "creativity time" again starting tomorrow. We have only three days scheduled, so the time seems tight to me for some reason. I have a list (that keeps growing) of things already started that I want to complete, another list of new ideas I'd like to explore... more cartoon ideas to flesh out.

You've probably heard the expression: I don't have a creative bone in my body? I once told a sister "All I have are creative bones." If that sounds like boasting, I should also mention that I have a very wide definition of creativity: If I can use up three out of four leftovers in my meal tonight... transformed (disguised) from their original use to something new and still edible, then that's creativity. I don't have to be painting or writing. Vacuuming means I get to rearrange the furniture, watering the plants means I get to prune, taking out the compost means I can search for wild strawberries, which leads to thoughts for tomorrow's menu... it's all connected in one intricate (often messy) creative web.

But when we have special creative days set aside... then I sometimes like to be focused and productive with the time. I'm making Christmas presents. (Yes, I know it's only August.) I came from a background of cultural conditioning where most of my gifts would have been purchased by mid-July. Now I hardly purchase anything, although we do receive a small monthly stipend that can be spent however we choose. (Just four trips to Starbucks will blow that away.) So I'm back to making gifts; arts and crafts... my favorite of all the art classes I've ever had to take.

But... most arts and crafts require materials. I spent half of yesterday (and most of my stipend) tracking down heavy card stock... really heavy card stock. Three hours of travel and searching, three stores and 130 lb cover was the heaviest I could find. I think it will work... we'll find out tomorrow.


cgssis said...

130#? That sounds like pretty stiff stuff. Wonder what you are going to make with that? Guess we'll have to wait till after Christmas to find out. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. Hope it works for whatever you have in mind.

Claire Joy said...

It's supposed to be a surprise? uh oh.