Wednesday, August 15, 2007

God knows I'm no virgin...

and neither is my name "Mary", yet here it is the feast of the Blessed Mother herself, and I am ready to hit "send" to the email going out to all professed sisters in our community.

It's as finished as it will ever be—five pages actually, with only a minor addition suggested by my mentor. And... it's pretty much what I wrote nearly a week ago when my deacon friend plunked me down to get busy and just do it.

For those of you who left thoughtful comments with suggestions, thank you. I did glean a little from my old blogs, and I did write snatches of this and that, and pieced those thoughts together in a somewhat rambling, (hopefully cohesive) explanation of my reasons for desiring to move forward.

I'm not young and inexperienced like Mary; I've been around the block a few times, but since these letters only go out to the life professed sisters, I've never seen what anyone else may have written. I'll be number 69 in this community, so sixty-eight women before me have done this very thing.

Hundred of thousands of women have responded with some kind of "yes" to the call for a different life, different than the one they were born into or conditioned by. I'm not unique in any way. As my friend Pat once wrote: "no is just a slower form of yes" and in my case, with this choice, that would have to be true.


Pat said...

Your journey has been on my mind, and I've watched it from my own path, with thoughts deeper than "best wishes." At some level words are insufficient.
But nevertheless, with words, may I say that knowing a little of your journey strengthens me in my own and brings some balance.

Anonymous said...

Given how crass you are generally, I thought you'd draw out some significance about you numeric place in the community. Thanks for not doing that.

Claire Joy said...

Looks like I don't have to.
You've done it for me.