Tuesday, October 10, 2006

an unpaid political announcement from the ostrich

The National Council of Churches, an ecumenical organization made up of all kinds of Christian churches and communities (from Orthodox to Baptist, Methodist to Quakers... Protestant, Orthodox, Evangelical, Anglican, African-American——you name it) has published a pamphlet called "Christian Principals in an Election Year." (Who knew?)

Since I've had my head in the sand for a lifetime, I had (have) a lot of catching up to do. I consider myself a middle-of-the-road Christian. I know that may sound strange coming from a nun, but I am not the evangelical sort, who feels the whole world needs to know and believe in Jesus. Nor am I the sort who believes every word in the Bible came from the mouth of God. I believe in Jesus, but I read the Bible with a skeptical eye. I read the Universe Story, the Gnosticc gospels, The Tao of Pooh... I listen to the birds. And a little birdie told me about this pamphlet (thank you, Daniel).

It lists ten points to consider when you choose your candidate come November. It gives you the websites for voters' registration, and a study guide if you want to form a group to discuss all this stuff. If you want more information, the site is here.

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BruceA said...

Thanks for pointing out this valuable resource!