Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Rant

Every Thursday I ride the Subway over to St. Bart's to do my community ministry. Most days it's a really efficient and inexpensive way to get clear across town, with only a minimum of rudeness and inconvenience. I must just be in a bad mood today, because today's ride prompted the following:

Top Ten Things I Hate About Riding the Subway:

1. People who lean against the pole so there's nowhere to hold on, except way up high or crotch level. Neither option gives a good grip.

2. Men who sit with their knees spread wide open so their rear-end takes up one seat and each leg takes up half a seat on either side.

3. People who stand smack dab in the middle of the spot that says "Step Aside". What do thy think that means, anyway?

4. Spitters.

5. People who insist on blocking the doorway; won't move into the middle of the car so other people can fit in.

6. People who won't wait for those getting off before they try to shove their way in.

7. People who think the floor is their personal trash can.

8. Metrocard toll machines that say "swipe again" and again... and again...

9. Loudspeakers that squawk/distort the message into some foreign language.

10. People who cluelessly block traffic... i.e.: don't notice that the right side of the escalator is for standing and the left side is the fast lane for those who like to climb.


J.T. said...

Thanks for taking me back to some memories about growing up in nyc.

Anonymous said...

Spitters. Now I have some interesting stories about middle school spitters.