Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Rave

Today I'll give equal time to the other side:

Top Ten Things I Love About Riding the Subway:

1. The haunting music of the Aztec flutes as I ride the escalator up from the 7 Train.

2. People who give up their seats to the elderly or young mothers with children.

3. Getting there in half the time of a bus or taxi.

4. The magic of perfect timing when I'm changing trains.

5. The neverending diversity of performers, hustlers, panhandlers.

6. Watching the rats scurry along the tracks.

7. Helping a stranger find their way to the right train.

8. The mosaics, tilework and other decoration.

9. Churros.

10. Grand Central Station.


kpjara said...

I don't remember churros on the subway?

I do love the convenience and certainty of the subway.

Claire Joy said...

There are folks who sell churros on the ramp down to the 7 train every afternoon. very delicious... (probably very illegal)