Saturday, March 01, 2008


Yesterday... leap day... or whatever you call it, was a day off for the blog365 club. I took advantage of it, although I see others wrote anyway... some born over-achievers, and some who were saving their day for a different day, another occasion. Not that it says you can do that in the rules. Not that I would care a twit about the rules...

I think if I'm getting tired of writing every single damn day, then people who read my blog must be getting tired of it too. Drivel is all I can manage sometimes (like today) and while drivel is just fine for morning pages, I feel some kind of obligation to write something coherent for a public audience. "Morning pages" are from The Artist's Way, a sort of self-help workshop book for artists by Julia Cameron. It's not new. I first read it in 1994, but I think it had been out a couple of years before that.

The same friend who took me to k.d. lang turned me on to it. She was living in New York at the time; I was still semi-employed in Florida, trying to decide which way to go with my multiple careers. I was doing massage therapy and freelancing in audio visual production, not especially happy with my dwindling bank account, yet not exactly motivated to do anything about it.

I had been a computer animation artist, but I had also held one of the best jobs in town. The market was way off and those jobs were scarce; if I wanted to continue in that field I'd have to move to Atlanta or Orlando. Massage therapy, while lovely (and very healthy) was back-breaking work. I had already figured out I didn't have the physical stamina to do it enough to pay the bills.

So along came The Artist's Way. Within a few months I had written my first ever story about God, called "Another Christmas Story" and was packing up my stuff to move... lock, stock and barrel to New York City.

Timing is everything, right? (So if you read that book, Melissa... be very, very careful.)

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