Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Whew... you know what? Failure (in and of itself) takes the pressure off. Maybe I knew that, maybe I didn't. The challenge of the blog365 club was finally getting to me. I failed.

I didn't post on Sunday. I actually had something to say... about the Scriptures for the 4th Sunday in Lent... about how they all had to do with sight, and blindness, light and darkness, blah blah blah. But that's exactly how I felt about it. So what? Blah blah blah. I let the day slip by. And then I deliberately turned off the computer and went to bed. Yesterday (our day off) I slept late. I still had nothing to say. Then I got involved in another one of those Korean soap operas. They aren't exactly soap operas, (they are little mini-series stories) but with the improbable and totally schmaltzy plot lines, they are a lot like the stupid soap operas I could never stand to watch on American television.

So what's different about these that I have a minor addiction to them?
  1. They are wholesome. No illicit sexual implications, how refreshing.
  2. These young people are all kind hearted people. Even the villains have complicated reasons for the evil things they do...
  3. Honor is always an issue, whether it is the cultural honor that pervades the Asian lifestyle, or the underlying sense of selfless love... for me, a very Christian concept.
  4. The misunderstandings that propel the plot twists are so farfetched (from my Western point of view) that they play out like fairy tales... and I (still) have a childish fascination with fairy tales. I wanted to be Cinderella when I was little. If I can't be Cinderella, then maybe someone else can...
Unlike the first one (Stained Glass) I found in the library several months ago, this second one ( Save the last dance for me) actually had a happy ending. That's it. Now I'll be one the lookout for the next one.

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