Sunday, April 08, 2007

He is risen...

Nobody knows exactly when Jesus rose from the dead... From the time of his entombment late Friday til close to dawn on Sunday morning, the stone covering the entrance to his grave concealed anything that might be happening within. We are told he went to hell first, but not how long he lingered.

All we know is that some time just before dawn, the women found the tomb empty. Mary was upset that the body was missing and asked the gardener if he knew anything... several varying accounts tell us of the discovery of his disappearance, but no human witnessed his actual rising.

In my own imagination, the Holy Spirit, responsible for his human conception would have been responsible for his resurrection as well... breathing the breath of new life into the collapsed lungs, obliterating all cuts and bruises, leaving only the marks of his final sacrifice: holes in his hands, feet and side. This image is called escape.

Blessings to all my family and soulmates this Eastertide.
Claire Joy


Zanne said...

Blessings to you dear sister! And thank you for the beautiful artwork--most inspiring! xo

HeyJules said...

I really love this! What a gorgeous way to think of the resurrection. It's stunning, CJ.