Monday, April 02, 2007

Desert Day

On the Monday in Holy Week we observe something called Desert Day.

Monday is normally a rest day for the community... a day off, to catch up, sleep late or visit friends outside the convent. There is no schedule on Monday and, for me, that is its greatest appeal. We are still expected to recite Morning and Evening Prayer on our own, but saying it at exactly six-thirty am is not required. Ah... heaven.

I'd never heard of desert days before coming to the convent. The term isn't in wikipedia, maybe we made it up. What it implies... is although today looks like a normal rest day on the surface, nothing is normal. The galaxy poises itself for the cosmic turn of events that will be remembered and acted out this week.

God will renounce his power to rule.


HeyJules said...

I love that term...

Anonymous said...

In Las Vegas we observe Desert Day every day. Today it was 87 degrees and just gorgeous outside.