Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What goes around comes around.

Ever since I was introduced to that concept, I've been aware of just how fast the coming around can be. A few weeks ago I was labeled imbecilic for a post I wrote about Jesus and the disease of bipolar disorder. Fair enough. (that it was tongue in cheek is beside the point... some people find it in poor taste to laugh at [or about] God.) But recently that same commenter accused me of bad theology and a poor understanding of church history. It was done in the same breath as a slam to ECUSA. I thought I was at least in good company, and felt only mildly smug that this person used poor grammar and couldn't spell. In their haste to gloat over my lack of knowledge and understanding, they typed too fast. (There's no spell check available in the comments section, as most of us have been embarrassed to note.)

So today I come before you, with egg on my face, because of yesterday's post: The lesson actually stopped at 9, not 13. Oops. So... never mind.

But... my own lack of attention to detail and inaccuracy in yesterday's case is in itself, a good case in point. We all make mistakes. I blow it on a regular basis these days, and some of the time I can rightly attribute it to old age. My mind is no longer the steel trap it once was. (I think I may have said that already in a recent post.) Not only is my memory failing, but my ability to proofread, sing, walk two miles and stand for long periods has gone kaput.

That I can be picky about other's failings makes no sense. I'm in the same boat with them. And as soon as I get an inkling of a suspicion that in some way I'm superior to the next guy...Wham! what goes around comes around.

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