Saturday, November 18, 2006

Creativity Days

We've set aside two days for creativity. Today is day 2. These days (scheduled throughout the year) always make some sisters nervous; they feel they are on the spot to do something creative on demand. Apparently in the past there was "show and tell" at the end of each session. No wonder there's stress.

I haven't suffered from the fear of creative inadequacy in a long time... especially since I can find so many outlets here: yesterday I cooked supper. That was it. Some people might not consider cooking supper a worthy creative project. But it's like life... everything is what you make of it. Cooking, cleaning, writing, painting... all of them can be a drudge if I don't feel like doing them when they have to be done.

Since it was Friday, I wanted to make salmon patties, but changed the recipe to reflect an Asian theme. (I was using up all the frozen rice to make fried rice.) Then I made eggrolls. The guts were from scratch but the wrappers themselves I purchased from the local Asian market. (Some grocery stores carry them, but not around here.) I was in the middle of the wrapping part when I realized I'd made way more insides than I had outsides to stuff. I ran out to get more wrappers. Since I was in a hurry, I checked out a new market just up the street, closer to home. They didn't have eggroll wrappers, but they had spring roll skins. Okay, we'll try those. Oh my God. Flaky... crunchy... I may never buy egg roll wrappers again.

And... as I was drifting off to sleep last night I wondered, could spring roll skins be substituted for philo dough to make baklava? Hmmm... there may be a Greek meal in my sisters' future.


Gerry said...

The meal was a feast! I liked the spring rolls better too. When is the Greek meal? I'm ready.
Thanks for your loving in the form of great food!!!

by the bay said...


I love your blog! Will come in more regularly and put up a link on mine (eveningbeaches).

Warmest blessings,
Eleanor n/TSSF