Monday, May 01, 2006

I am from...

This challenge from Can You Hear Me Now?

I am from sturdy English stock with a splash of Irish and Scot.
I am from summers on my Uncle's farm with no indoor plumbing, a stinky outhouse, a hayloft to jump into, and fresh picked blueberries on my cereal.
I am from long car trips where I had my own "erp" bucket so nobody had to keep stopping for me to be sick.
I am from a great grandfather who was a stonemason by trade, but who painted landscapes in his spare time. They lined the walls of my grandmother's apartment, and I would stop and stare in fascination at each one.
I am from a Navy father, two Navy husbands, two Navy sons.
I am from the ocean, fearless of the waves, the undertow, the drop offs. I have almost drowned twice.
I am from the mountains, bleak craggy peaks, crystal blue skies, smells of hemlock and pine.
I am from never tell a lie, never snitch on a friend, never go on a trip unless you've cleaned the house.
I am from God is Love, Jesus is Lord, and live today like it might be your last.
I am from waste not, want not and make do with what you have.
I am from laughter and sarcasm and making fun of everything, especially the holy.
I am from start over, start over, start over.

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HeyJules said...

CJ, I feel like I just added a whole other layer to who you are! That was great. :-)