Monday, February 06, 2006

Looking ahead...

My apologies to anyone who's tuned into my nothing-more-than-drivel for the past week. Been totally under the weather with allergies/asthmatic bronchitis. The penicillin is finally kicking in and I'm now focused on what's ahead this week: my first retreat in Cody, Wyoming.

This same retreat was scheduled for last September, but had to be cancelled for lack of participants. Now it's on the docket again and I've approached the whole weekend with an attitude so unlike me, it's scary. I'm usually an organized compulsive nit-picky details-oriented person. Yet all my thinking toward this retreat has been wide-screen, big picture conceptualizing. I already had a theme: thinking creatively... outside the box, a title: Glimpses of Heaven, and an assortment of fun creative projects in mind, but it wasn't until Saturday that I had the energy to even notice the obvious fact that my ducks were spread all over the place and none of the necessary little details had been considered.

My generous and compassionate sisters came to my rescue. Yesterday we staged a mini-rehearsal in the afternoon and I was able to talk through my ideas and get immediate feedback. (Need more cardboard, another set of sharpies) We watched one of my meditation slideshows (the music wouldn't work) and then attempted one of the creative projects... painting icons on tinfoil with sharpies. Okay, if that sounds ghastly, just remember the theme: thinking outside the box. (The finished results were incredibly beautiful, with a somewhat Mexican flavor.)

It takes a village is somewhat of a cliche these days. But my village gave me valuable feedback, more great ideas, and the confidence that this aardvark project would not only fly, but would be fun too. I'm relieved and inspired, but most of all grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Lisa said...

Indeed one of the tangible blessings of community!

ACey said...

I'm having a very hard time believing that your particular leadership skills would not be inherently "fun", at least in part.

Also? The sharpies on tin foil icons? I"ve already been motivated to do a little experimenting. Many thanks.

Pilot Mom said...

Oh, I do hope you are feeling better!

I pray, too, that your retreat was a blessing.

I missed your imput over at CCC. Will be glad when you post again.