Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Day 1: Rest and Retreat

Our community offers two different kinds of vacation for its sisters, one is "family time" which, as everyone knows, may or may not be restful. The other is called Rest and Retreat. Last year (at just about this time) I stayed home, slept late, worked on a few projects, ate lunch with friends, restored the creche figures, read a good trash novel. It was perfect.

This year I have similar activities in mind, but I actually have goals for my rest time. Okay, that probably sounds like an oxymoron, I know. But I'm behind in a lot of things I really want to do, and a couple of things I really need to do: For one, an online course called "The Universe Story" which started smack dab in the middle of our garden harvest. I need to catch up on the readings and the postings, no small feat since I've dragged my derriƩre from the outset.

I want to design a Christmas card and as yet, have had no direct inspiration. I'd like to see the latest Harry Potter movie, visit the Metropolitan's Fra Angelico exhibit, and return to the Cloisters for an afternoon of meditation. I have a Friday lunch appointment with my best friend. I have six days… a room with a DSL connection, a city that looks like a fairyland, background sounds of sisters chanting the daily offices. It doesn't get much better than this. :)


AveMaria1 said...

Hey if you are on retreat, take a break! Your blogging buddys can wait! ENJOY IT!

ACey said...

If you go to the Fra Angelica exhibit, I hope you tell us about it.

Natty said...

Yes, I was thinking that going to the Fra Angelico exhibit might just leave you inspired to do a Christmas card.... or maybe it would intimidate? (The latter for me, but I would LOVE to see that exhibit--Dominicans: Yay!) Where are you R&R-ing at? NYC?

[If my librarian wits were more about me, I'm sure that I could piece the answer together for myself, but I should get back to work now...] Your retreat sounds wonderful... Peace!