Wednesday, July 11, 2007

surprising neighbors

... faith isn't about doctrine, institution, career, or being right. Faith is about God and the many surprising neighbors God sends to help us along the way. —Tom Ehrich

I wonder why it takes so long to understand these things? And why, once we do understand them, we forget them again?

I remember my move to New York twelve years ago with an entire fantasy in tact of what this city would be like, what this stupendous move would mean. I had been "sent forth" by my loving congregation in Florida, and here, in this amazing city I would somehow find my place, do God's work as well as my own, make a difference.

The reality was nothing like I imagined. Much as I loved the energy of the city, I was overwhelmed by it. I walked to work every day, learned to navigate the teeming sidewalks... learned the rules: (never stop) but on weekends I holed up in my tiny studio, ordered Chinese food delivered to my door, and didn't set foot outside until Monday morning. I'm still like that in many ways. I love going and coming, but only if there's somewhere to go. Otherwise I'd rather just stay inside the house.

The difference now is that I have family inside... a big family by all my old standards. One sister came to hug me last night before she headed off for her trip, another called up to see if I wanted to sleep in an air-conditioned room... little acts of charity that remind me I am here, with neighbors, and... I seem to belong.

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HeyJules said...

How wonderful! Don't you love when 'family' cares for their own?