Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Birthday

I have a dear friend who has known me forever... (at least a quarter of a century.)

She brought me to New York to work for her... doing a job for which I had absolutely no experience, yet she was willing to take the risk. She had once worked for me when we both lived in Florida, so we played "turn-about" and I worked for her, until she moved on to another position.

When I left my job in Florida, I had recommended her as my successor, and in New York she did the same for me. They might call it karma in some cultures, but for us it was a unique blend of friendship and common sense. As close as we were personally, it never interfered with our professional relationship.

I was present at her wedding, the baptisms of both of her darling boys, birthday parties and New Year's Eve celebrations. She helped me with our community's benefit last year by providing new talent... she has been an inspiration and a strong support for my "call" to the religious life, not to mention the generous funder of many breakfast and lunch dates when one or the other of us needed to talk.

Today is her birthday.
Blessings (dear friend) to one of the true gifts of my lifetime :)


Anonymous said...

A friend like that is a true blessing! Cherish her...

Judith said...

Aren't good friends a gift from God? I was recently reminded that I have been friends with my two closest friends for 40 and 31 years, respectively. That's a lot to thank God for!

Anonymous said...

Sister, i miss ur daily blogging!!!!

Claire Joy said...

sorry... writer's block.
(I don't seem to be able to write and cartoon at the same time... hurts my brain.)