Sunday, September 24, 2006

Who wants to be first anyway?

"... whoever wants to be first must be last of all and servant of all." (Mark 9:35)

I can't remember ever wanting to be first. You're too conspicuous, too vulnerable. The higher you climb, the harder you fall... and all that. I used to like being second in command... sort of behind the scenes helpmate to the one on the front line, occasionally getting to be queen for the day, but never having to get stuck in that position. Never having to shoulder the responsibility for real.

I have had to be first on occasion. The pay was good, but I didn't like the responsibility and didn't do so well. If leadership is thrust upon me then I'll lead, but I'd much rather follow. Not everyone thinks like I do. Not everyone is by nature introverted and fearful of failure.

On the other hand, who wants to be last? Being last stinks. Last in line gets the dregs, last in chapel has to shuffle through her books to find the right page, last to the meeting means all eyes bore into you when you sit down. I don't want to be last either. Give me a nice place in the middle somewhere, maybe a little left of center, towards the front.

Our celebrant this morning preached on this gem from Jesus. His words were "...whoever wants to be first in God's sight..." Oh. That's different. Never mind.


HeyJules said...

I'm with you! I'll be second or fifth or fifteenth, TYVM.

Except for that last example. I'll take first there, too.


kpjara said...

I am so crazy about you!

Richard said...

Some one must lead. The problem with self appointed leaders, is they start to believe they might be the message. The person who leads with the message, especially with the love of Jesus Christ is the one I want to follow.Timid, at times yes. But not in the Lord, only in the ability to express my love for our savior and to carry out the true comission