Saturday, September 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Dear One!

On September 4th, (NOT the 2nd as I originally posted) my very first (and only) granddaughter was born... That was twelve years ago. The darling girl I had always wanted, she came home from the hospital dressed in frilly pinks and bows. My son and his wife named her after my mother, so she has inherited all the "Helen" things I kept when my mom died. She also got what was left of my once precious doll collection... a doll my dad brought back from France at the end of World War II. I never got to play dolls with Helen, though, because I moved to New York City just three months after her birth. Now she's too old for dolls. She's into ballet and boys and already looks like a teenager. But what a beauty... Happy Birthday, dear one. Your Grandma loves you to the sky.


HeyJules said...

Well all I have to say is you must have beautiful grandchildren run in your family! She's gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Blessings, CJ!