Friday, December 21, 2007

knock knock

Jesus said, "Knock and the door shall be opened..."
He didn't say it would necessarily be the exact door you knocked on. Yes. doors open, but they are not our doors... they are God's. The point is to knock. The door, any door may never open on its own.

This has been a hard lesson for me. I used to get really upset with God for offering me Door #3 when I had specifically asked for Door #1. I never got Door #1, no matter how many times I asked... demanded... bargained... begged... I would sometimes decorate Door #2 and pretend it was Door #1, but that never lasted long, either.

Door #3, now that I've trudged through it, is way cool. Exactly what I needed, wanted, longed for. Who knew?
Knock knock, who's there? God. God who? Godcha again. Hahahahaha

1 comment:

HeyJules said...

Hahahaha back at ya! (You totally cracked me up with the "decorating
door #2 part!)

I can't wait to see
what all 2008 holds for you.

Oh BTW, I've decided you're my favorite nun.

Okay, so you're my ONLY nun, but you're still my favorite. ;-)